Monday, 4 September 2017


Have you ever been on a roller coaster. Well I have it all starts a long long time ago. Well it was only one month ago anyway.

Broad beach in Australia. 4:00 in the morning. Mum and dad woke me and my brother up. Then we had a bit of breakfast. By then Monique Amelia uncle John and aunty Fiona were there. We got in this half taxi half van to the airport. At the airport gran and grand bob were there so then we went through a scanner to see if we had any drugs or dangerous things. After that we went to this $2 shop in the airport. In there were all kinds of crazy things like a lollipop that was a quarter of a kg. That is a big lollipop. And it was only $3. Oh and there was this container with seven packs of mentors. For only $2 so me and my brother Ben got a packet each. By then we had to go on the plane. On the plane it had a little tv that you could watch movies and play games on. It took 5 hours to get to Australia. When we finally got there we hopped out. In the airport we went to this stand and you could hire cars. So we hired a van and drove to the motel on the way we wondered if we would see a snake on the side of the road. But sadly we didn't. After a long 20 minutes we finally made it to the motel. At the motel it had a massive pool and a spa. The moment we got the key to the apartment we went straight into the pool. After a long wonderful time in the pool we slowly and miserably went over to the spa. Not because the spa wasn't good just because the pool was even better. After the first spa went in the apartment. After we went to move would there were all kinds of awesome rollercoasters my favourite one was the asylum. At sea would it was the jet ski riyed and at wet n wild my favourite waterslide was the borconstrictor. And then we went back to Christchurch. 

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